I would love to live
Like a river flows,
Carried by the surprise
Of its own unfolding.
— John O’Donohue
Is this how one selfies?

Is this how one selfies?


Beliefs, values, approaches to life and healing

Shwmae. I’m Lily. I believe our lives must be regenerative ~ what we take from the Earth we must give back to the Earth. Honouring our home; its creatures, sacred plants, rhythms and astounding beauty is at the core of all I am. My love of nature inspires and infuses into everything I do.

I believe in, live with and work for: Love. Intimacy. Softness. Radical Honesty. Heart-centred Being. Connection. Presence. Courage. Climate Justice. Liberation. Equity. Autonomy. Gratitude. Magic. Transformation. Sacred Rest. Pleasure. Compassion.

I believe we should live by the values we wish to see more of in the world. I invite you to do the same.

I believe the body to be an incredible teacher. I am fervant about listening to the body’s wisdom and helping you access your own depths of knowledge.

I believe gender roles harm every body. I don’t resonate with the label ‘woman’ and I don’t know how to define my gender - at present, ‘fluid’ and ‘liminal’ feel to be the best terms. I use ‘they’ pronouns.

I am committed to honouring my mxnstrual cycle; consciously working with my cycle as a teacher and my womb as a guide, approaching these relationships through a genderless lens.

I hold a conscious awareness and respect of an individual's right to autonomy, self identity and expression. I am mindful for my work to be inclusive, accessible and truly holistic; my aim is to support you in your wholeness as a human being, whatever your current situation and set-up may be. Awareness and understanding of intersectionality and systems thinking/oppression is core in my approach to healing; with the view of creating change collectively. I’m white, queer, working class and a solo parent.

Things I love

I live and love with an open heart in De Cymru, South Wales, where my mermaid soul belongs to the sea. The sea has always been a great healer, teacher and guide for me, alongside the many creatures who reside there. Whales and Dolphins have been a constant presence in my life since childhood and these ineffable creatures increasingly influence how I live, teach and heal.

Rwy'n dysgu Cymraeg ond dw i ddim yn rhugl neu hyderus... eto! I love learning Welsh for so many reasons - it deepens my connection and ability to participate in community, culture, the land and my sense of place; I feel more connected to my ancestors in my paternal line as they were Welsh, it feels good for my brain to be challenged in this way, and it’s an important thing to consider being essentially an English settler (I grew up in England) in a colonised country. The continued attempts to erase Welsh language and culture by the British state is one I refuse to be complicit in. Felly, siaradwch Gymraeg i fi, os gwelwch yn dda!

I’m an introvert (an INFP if you’re into that kinda thing). I need a lot of solitude to thrive, which is why you won't find me on social media or sending frequent newsletters. I feel deeply at home when alone in nature; Gaia's gifts of plant foods, essences, essential oils, woods and herbs have been a trusted ally on my own life journey. This is my medicine, and is the foundation of the work we experience together.

I love cooking, walking long distances, dancing, pulling cards, making essences, taking medicine baths, being naked, wild swimming, learning from my incredibly inspiring and wise kid-becoming-teen, having long conversations about the spiritual and the political, playing word games and nerding out to jazz.

Training, experience, qualifications

My initiation into holistic approaches to health and wellbeing came through chronic illness in my teens. Through the support of my parents I navigated the allopathic system of diagnosis and medication, with the ‘alternative’ path of nutrition, reflexology, homeopathy and kinesiology. Repeatedly feeling let down, ignored, disbelieved and silenced by what conventional medicine had to offer, I found myself returning to kinesiology and essences during adulthood - the combination of these two tools spoke to me at a deep level. I began training in kinesiology in 2010 and since qualifying in 2012 have gone on to immerse myself in additional trainings and take courses in topics such as natural bioenergetics, essences, mxnstrual cycle literacy, womb-centred healing, sacred activism, coaching, healthy boundaries, celtic mythology, astrology and tarot. I’ve been fortunate to work with some incredible teachers and wayshowers, but a couple of these trainings and experiences were problematic because they were, and continue to be, steeped in appropriation, heirarchy and exploitation. These therapies and practices have helped me recover many aspects of my health and wellbeing, and so my work is a constant exploration of decolonising and unlearning, taking forward the work that heals, supports, uplifts and empowers, and releasing that which keeps us trapped in systems of domination and oppression.

Getting to know me through Tarot

I came across this great spread on Little Red Tarot and thought I’d share it with you here so you can get a flavour of what I bring to my work, what my strengths and limits are, and how I’m committed to both my personal and professional development. For this spread I’ve used trans elder Rachel Pollack’s Shining Woman (now republished as Shining Tribe) tarot deck.


1. About Lily in general: what is their most important characteristic?

The Magician. I was so happy to see this card in this placement! For me, The Magician is a self-aware channel, connected to different states of consciousness and all the elements in service to creation and healing. And being called Lily, I feel a particular affinity with the Smith Rider Wait imagery. I recently had a Tarot Birth Card & Ecosystem reading with the wonderful Sara Galactica where I learned that The Magician is my Quiver card - meaning that in this lifetime, this archetype is where I draw my strength from. I’ve always felt an affinity with this card. In a former life, you may have heard me describe myself as an Energy Alchemist - this ‘job title’ suited me when I was really embodying this archetype and connected to the alchemical nature of my work. Pollack writes “The Magician knows and uses all the gifts in existence” - I feel I really bring this to my work with a wide range of tools and techniques spanning the four elements, working deeply at heart and soul levels. I use the power of the Magician to hold space for folx to connect the dots in their owns lives, and to experience different energy levels and states. I consciously centre magic, the numinous and the element of water (symbolised by the river in this deck) in all my work.

2. What strengths does Lily already have as a witch, healer, space holder, teacher etc?

The Chariot. Ha! This made me laugh. When I first started training in kinesiology, each teacher I met would comment on how quickly I could process energy work. I’ve always found this to be a ‘quick energy’ card. During sessions, I hone in quickly on what’s going on and where. I help folx break through to a deeper knowledge of life. I’m focused on the client and their needs and I’m confident and determined to help them achieve their goals through all magical possibilities.

3. In these roles, where does Lily feel their limits are?

6 of Trees. Sometimes I feel like the person in the card, surrounded by towering, confident, exuberant beings and a feeling of not fitting in or belonging. I’m not confident at self-promotion or talking about what I have to offer, and when I do try to speak up about my work I worry that I come across as arrogant. Sometimes I get caught up in looking for deeper meaning and insight and ‘the why’, rather than appreciating the beauty and gifts of the present moment. I also struggle with visibility - the eyes in the trees make me feel uncomfortable, as if everyone is scrutinising me.

4. What key lesson can Lily learn on their developmental journey?

Ace of Rivers. Keep opening to Goddexx and nourishing myself. Immerse myself in the elements and take new opportunities when they arise; trust sacred timing, synchronicities and crucially, my intuition. Pay attention. Nurture my emotional intelligence. Work with my dreams.

5. How can Lily be open to learning and developing on this journey?

Knower of Birds. Immerse myself in imagery. Write. Develop my ideas, knowledge and wisdom. Continue connecting with animals, plants and other sentient beings.

6. What is the potential outcome of this journey?

The Tower. Eep! And yet, totally makes sense. If I keep opening to learning, growing, developing, change is surely inevitable? There’s something about this particular Tower imagery that I really love. It feels deeply revelatory, transformational, even ecstatic? I love that my practice and this body of work that I create in service to you is constantly changing and evolving - something fits for a while and then it doesn’t. I’m not afraid to drop what is isn’t working so if and when the Tower comes around, I know it’s an essential part of life and that it’ll help me to serve you better, in the long term. This also feels connected to The Chariot - once I go through the crumbling change of The Tower, my strengths will also be changed. The liberation that will come as a result of journeying through The Tower is surely worth it as a new level of maturity, wisdom and understanding will unfold.

Other offerings


I am thrilled to be part of the wonderful team that produces Sentire Magazine, the international Essence E-Magazine for everyone interested in flower and vibrational essences. My roles here are varied; maintaining the website, writing the e-newsletter, posting on Instagram and Pinterest, sourcing content and writing articles for the magazine itself. If you're at all interested in flower essences, I invite you to immerse in the digital pages of this wonderful magazine.

Oh, I adore water, flowers, moss, lichen and the sea, of course. My ultimate happy places.