I would love to live
Like a river flows,
Carried by the surprise
Of its own unfolding.
— John O’Donohue
Photograph taken by Rebekah Chapman

Photograph taken by Rebekah Chapman


Shwmae. I’m Lily. I believe our lives must be regenerative ~ what we take from the Earth we must give back to the Earth. Honouring our home; its creatures, sacred plants, rhythms and astounding beauty is at the core of all I am. My love of nature inspires and infuses into everything I do.

I believe in, live with and work for: Love. Intimacy. Softness. Radical Honesty. Heart-centred Being. Connection. Presence. Courage. Climate Justice. Liberation. Equity. Autonomy. Gratitude. Magic. Transformation. Sacred Rest. Pleasure. Compassion.

I believe we should live by the values we wish to see more of in the world. I invite you to do the same.

I believe the body to be an incredible teacher. I am fervant about listening to the body’s wisdom and helping you access your own depths of knowledge.

I believe gender roles harm every body. I don’t resonate with the label ‘woman’ and I don’t know how to define my gender - at present, ‘fluid’ feels to be the best term.

I am committed to honouring my mxnstrual cycle; consciously working with my cycle as a teacher and my womb as a guide, approaching these relationships through a genderless lens.

I hold a conscious awareness and respect of an individual's right to autonomy, self identity and expression. I am mindful for my work to be inclusive, accessible and truly holistic; my aim is to support you in your wholeness as a human being, whatever your current situation and set-up may be. Awareness and understanding of intersectionality and systems thinking/oppression is core in my approach to healing; with the view of creating change collectively. I’m white, queer, a parent, working class, and use they/she pronouns.

I live and love with an open heart in De Cymru, South Wales, where my mermaid soul belongs to the sea. The sea has always been a great healer, teacher and guide for me, alongside the many creatures who reside there. Whales and Dolphins have been a constant presence in my life since childhood and these ineffable creatures increasingly influence how I live, teach and heal.

Rwy'n dysgu Cymraeg ond dw i ddim yn rhugl neu hyderus... eto!

I’m an introvert (an INFP if you’re into that kinda thing). I need a lot of solitude to thrive, which is why you won't find me posting a lot on social media or sending frequent newsletters. I feel deeply at home when alone in nature; Gaia's gifts of plant foods, essences, essential oils, woods and herbs have been a trusted ally on my own life journey. This is my medicine, and is the foundation of the work we experience together.

I have trained and taken courses in many therapies and topics such as kinesiology, natural bioenergetics, essences, mxnstrual cycle literacy, womb-centred healing, sacred activism, healthy boundaries, coaching and tarot. A couple of these trainings and experiences were problematic because they are steeped in appropriation, heirarchy and exploitation. Though these therapies helped me recover some aspects of my health and wellbeing, and helped many others too, I do not feel I am best serving others by sustaining these schools or systems. As such, my work is a constant exploration of decolonising and unlearning, taking forward the work that heals, supports, uplifts and empowers, and releasing that which keeps us trapped in systems of domination and oppression.


I am thrilled to be part of the wonderful team that produces Sentire Magazine, the international Essence E-Magazine for everyone interested in flower and vibrational essences. My roles here are varied; maintaining the website, writing the e-newsletter, posting on Instagram and Pinterest, sourcing content and writing articles for the magazine itself. If you're at all interested in flower essences, I invite you to immerse in the digital pages of this wonderful magazine.

Oh, I adore water, flowers, moss and lichen. Seriously.