Eclipse periods bring great change.

And we have a choice as to how consciously we work with this energy.


Art by Elisa Riemer

The Sun represents Free Will, our consciousness, and our choices. The Moon symbolises Fate and the unconscious. When these two meet in the form of an Eclipse, we have heightened access to both these energies; creating a special moment where our choices as to how we act and respond are deepened.

The Eclipse Season opened towards the end of July with the New Moon in Leo, setting the precedence as one that will test ego, identity and how fully we want to show up in the world. Leo loves drama and attention, and with two concurrent New Moons in Leo, it's a sure time for flared tempers, which we see unfolding on the world stage around us. Eclipse Seasons break down all that is no longer servingImagine a hair follicle in the skin has become blocked and now a pus-filled spot has emerged. It doesn't look pretty and popping it won't feel nice, but the healing will feel so much better once the gunk has surfaced and cleared. Think of this time as a cosmic clear-out!

This month Venus is in Cancer, meaning our relationships feel even more important than usual, particularly in the family arena. Venus craves connection. We also have Mercury Retrograde happening which means we have to be super clear on our communications ~ with Venus needing reassurance and Leo seeking attention we should double and triple our efforts at being explicitly clear in what it is we are trying to say.

To help you during this period, I am offering 45 minute sessions that contain:

  • Energy healing, attunement and alignment; clearing blocks and making adjustments to allow smooth flow of the new light codes and upgrades coming in from the Lion's Gate portal (opened on 08/08/17)
  • Tarot/Oracle card and intuitive reading to bring guidance and clarity to any unique-to-you current situations you'd like support with navigating
  • Specific self-care practices that will best support your process during August
  • Follow up email detailing action steps you can take and a summary of what came up during the session.

To book, please click the image below. I look forward to connecting with you.

Eclipse Reading & Alignment
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