We were sent into the world alive with beauty. As soon as we choose Beauty, unseen forces conspire to guide and encourage us towards unexpected forms of compassion, healing and creativity.
— John O'Donohue

Intention and Purpose

The Elements create and sustain life; without them, we wouldn't exist. My intention for these days is to connect with the Elements as if meeting them for the first time, to get to know them anew, and to invite in a deeper knowing and embodiment of the Elements within the self so we can be more fully present to life as it unfolds around us, stepping into our full capacity as conscious creators.
The days will be very relaxed, with space and freedom to turn up and be as you are. Each day is limited to five attendees, creating an intimate atmosphere to allow deeper connection and healing to unfold. This is a space to build community and connection. We will open up to our own intuitive guidance, accessing inner wisdom and knowing. The Elements support us in radiating our natural beauty, living and expressing the Divine Love that we all are. The Elemental Immersions at their core resonate with love, healing, beauty, truth, compassion and creativity.

    Each day will include

    • Immersion in the Element of the day; re-membering our knowing of its qualities, exploring the gifts when this element is embodied, and the shadow aspects that hamper us when the element is out of balance
    • Guided meditation to meet the Element
    • Energy healing, upgrading and integration of higher frequencies relating to the Element
    • Intuitive art practices to express how the Element wants to move through you
    • Working with tarot & oracle cards to aid reflection, clarity & guidance about the future
    • A personalised Essence combination for you to take home and work with
    • Delicious local, organic, home-cooked vegan food. The days will be sugar and caffeine-free. Additional dietary requirements can be catered for upon request
    • And of course, deep Love, reverence and gratitude for the Elements, the space we connect in and the experience we create together.

    The remaining dates for the Elemental Immersions are:

    • Water - Saturday 21st October 2017. Moon in Scorpio. Exploring intuition, awareness, sensitivity and our emotional responses.
    • Air - Saturday 18th November 2017. New Moon in Scorpio at 11.42AM. Visioning, creating, abundance, transformation. The magic we weave today will be heightened by the New Moon. A special day awaits.
    • Earth - Saturday 16th December 2017. Sun-Uranus trine. Moon in Sagittarius. Conscious creation with Earth, anchoring and celebrating the work from the previous retreat days. Lighting a new way of Truth in preparation for the Winter Solstice.




    The Immersions may resonate if you:

    • Long to deepen your relationship with your Self; dropping out of the mind and in to the heart and body, strengthening your connection with Soul
    • Identify as a conscious Earth custodian, guardian, steward or Lightworker and wish to embrace and live this role at a deeper level

    • Wish to connect with community in an intimate setting where you feel witnessed, heard and held.

    What to bring

    • Your journal
    • Special pens/art supplies if you would prefer to use your own materials for the explorations
    • Sacred tools or objects you already have that help you connect to the Element of the day, for example these could be crystals or wood for Earth, a special candle for Fire, feathers for Air or Water from a sacred place.

    Location, Getting Here and Accessibility

    My home is very close to the beach in the west of Swansea, South Wales. I encourage everyone to travel via public transport to reduce carbon emissions. There are two major bus routes that run from the central bus station & train station within close proximity of my home, so you'll be able to arrive at the house with a two minute walk from a bus stop. If you'd prefer the walk it's 15-20 minutes from the bus station or 25-30 minutes from the train station. Full address will be disclosed upon enquiry. If public transport is not an option for you, with your consent I shall include you in the lift share so those attending can travel together and share petrol costs, keeping fossil fuel consumption to a minimum.

    There is a small step to enter the house. The bathroom, kitchen and living space where we'll be gathered for the day are all on the ground floor. The hallway leading to the toilet is quite narrow. If you have any accessibility queries please contact me.

    Arrival for each Immersion is from 9.30am. We shall begin the day at 10am so please arrive beforehand to settle yourself in.


    Each day has space for five attendees only so booking early is advisable. The exchange for an individual day is £77. All bookings are non-refundable unless someone else takes your place on the retreat, then of course your money will be returned ASAP. Payment plans are available upon request. If you feel that you are meant to attend but don't have financial capacity to commit right now, please contact me. No-one is turned away for lack of funds.