Energy is the living, vibrating ground of your being, and it is your body’s natural self-healing elixir, its natural medicine. This medicine, this energy medicine, feeds body and soul, and attending to it restores your natural vitality. Energy medicine is the science and the art of optimizing your energies to help your body and mind function at its best.
— Donna Eden

Our energy systems can easily become congested, heavy and sluggish from unexpressed & suppressed emotions, and toxicity in our diet & environment. When we're in this state we often find ourselves falling in to unhealthy habits and patterns. We get sidetracked by things that don't nurture our spirit. We procrastinate because everything becomes a chore. We struggle.

When our energy systems work smoothly we feel comfortable. There is a sense of ease and grace in our day-to-day activities. Our creativity flows. We have vitality, vibrancy and stamina. We are easily connected with our intuition. We are able to focus. There is clarity and lucidity in our decision making. I wish for us all to reside in this space.

I created The Energy Cleanse services primarily because I believe they are needed. Modern life can be toxic. Chronic stress is somehow considered the norm. I believe we need a cultural shift.

Cherry Blossom, Beltane 2016.

Cherry Blossom, Beltane 2016.


Energy Clean Up


The Energy Clean Up is a 90 minute elemental service that assists you to let go of and release old, stuck energy so that you can feel light, clear and inspired to move into the next efflorescent phase of your life.

In this cleansing session, we are directed by your Soul's infinitely wise guidance to go through the following transmutations:

  • Aligning, opening and clearing the body's energy centres; balancing the energy flow between them so that they sing and dance in harmony

  • Subtle Body integration and alignment, so energy flow is congruent and smooth

  • Energy field cleanse and clean up, releasing and dissolving any cords, entities, energy attachments or patterns that no longer serve

  • Putting energetic protection in place, and determining any practices and tools you can use to maintain a healthy energy field

  • Emotional detox, using nature's medicine (essences, crystals, homeopathics, wood, herbs etc) to release any toxic thought patterns.

  • Bringing in new energy patterns that are more resonant and in harmony with your life path

  • Life Balance – discovering your body's ideal optimum balance between the core activities we all do and require. Here we look at identifying details and potentially beneficial lifestyle changes in the following areas: work, rest, sleep, play, nutrition, exercise, relaxation, mental stimulation and physical nurturance. I believe we're often sold 'life balance' as the ultimate goal, and through my many years working with clients I have concluded that it's a myth; yet there is definite merit to making subtle changes to allow a deeper sense of peace in our day-to-day life.

  • Affirmations for moving forwards; these may address habits you want to release, replace unhelpful thought patterns, or be focused on welcoming something new into your life

  • Afformations which work with the subconscious mind to find new ways of looking at life. I wrote this blog post which explains more.

  • Visualisations to keep you on track with what you wish to root in to your life.

This is a deeply intense and powerful session that is unique for you - the structure is tailored to your individual needs to ensure the smoothest healing process.

Caswell Bay during the Solar Eclipse and Spring Equinox, 2015.

Caswell Bay during the Solar Eclipse and Spring Equinox, 2015.


Grateful Words

Thank you for an *amazing* alchemically transformative energy clean up healing treatment session Lily! Your work is a true gift to those you work with.
— Anna, Abertawe

Energy Spring Clean ~
The Deeper Cleanse


In the Deeper Cleanse we work with an expanded toolkit over the coming season, exploring in more depth the blocks and patterns that may be disconnecting you from joy and vitality :

The Energy Spring Clean – Deep Cleanse is a three month program working with the subtle energies of the body and the support of nature to clear unhealthy habits and patterns; creating deeper flow, ease and grace in your life.

In addition to the Energy Clean Up as detailed above, you receive:

  • Two custom blend 30ml essence dosage bottles to support the unfolding and releasing of the Energy Clean Up. Essences work to reconnect you with your own light, wisdom, truth and beauty. Using essences over a committed period of time deepens our spirituality and connection with Soul. Your first attuning essence mix is posted after the Energy Clean up; the other is sent to you six weeks week later. The second bottle allows us to go a little more deeply into newer issues that may be surfacing as your energy system becomes lighter and healthier.

  • Remote three weekly check-ins and self care practices. I tune in with you to see how your energy system is doing, with follow up support and feedback via email, with additional suggested self-care practices you can commit to if these resonate.

  • Two 30-minute readings to be used at any time of your choosing in the three months following your Energy Clean Up to support your growth and development, bringing additional clarity and guidance with moving forwards

  • Additional emotional stress release and energy toning movements techniques that you can use to strengthen and support your energy system whenever you need a boost, with specific guidance on how to use them to best support you as an individual.


Exchange Options


Exchange for the 90 minute Energy Clean Up is £99 GBP. Click the image below to book, or contact me to arrange a payment plan to suit your financial situation - no one is turned away for lack of funds. I believe we all need access to this essential healing work.

Exchange options for the three month program:

  • One installment of £199 GBP

  • Two installments of £100 GBP

  • Three installments of £70 GBP.

Click the image if you wish to book or contact me if you would like to arrange a payment plan.


May your energy be vibrant and clear ♥️