In music, in the sea, in a flower, in a leaf, in an act of kindness... I see what people call God in all these things.
— Pablo Casals

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Like every person called to make essences; meeting and working with these blessings from nature changed my life. Essences are my constant in the sea of change that is life. During struggle, heartbreak, change, anxiety, anger, stagnation – through it all these gifts from the Universe come into my being; refining and attuning my energy to that which we really are – love.

Cariad Essences

These essences are my own budding range, handmade and produced on the land I call home here in Cymru, Wales. To honour the lineage and the place these essences come from, they all have enwau Cymraeg, Welsh names, and are deeply imbued with the intention and energy of Cariad — Love.

Most of the essences in the Cariad range are made by the sea on the Penrhyn Gŵyr, Gower Peninsula, the first ‘official’ Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty on this island. As such, these essences have a strong connection to the magic of the ocean, and the beings & energies that are present here.

Each essence is made as a response to a calling - something in me, my own soul, needs tending. I am guided by the flowers, stones and environments and told where to go. This is not a linear, rational process; I simply do as instructed. The essence is the ongoing, living, unfolding result of this intuitive engagement with the mystery of life and healing.

Flowers are never cut in the birthing process – water is usually poured over the bloom and the bowl is placed under or amongst the flowers to harness the living energy of the flower.


If you feel drawn to working with an essence, please download the photograph of the essence, print out and follow the instructions for making your own bottle which can be found here. If you use an essence in this way, please make a donation, suggested at £7 per essence. This is to make the energies more accessible and sustainable. Alternatively, make a donation of £15 or more and I shall send you a transmission of the essence plus an email with any feedback and suggested actions for working with the essence further. If you require any more information please contact me.

10ml stock bottles are only sold to Essence Practitioners and Therapists. If you wish to receive a personal bottle of Cariad Essences, please scroll down and order a Personal Blend, stating which essences you’d like included in your mix.

May these essences bring you great magic and transformation.

Received with gratitude and love Lily. You are spot on every time. Those first four drops felt divine!
Thank you.
— Diane, Inverurie

The following information is a brief snapshot of the essences in the Cariad Essences range. Click on the photograph of the one(s) you feel drawn to to learn more information about the qualities of the essences and further details such as when and where the essence was made.

Just to say a hearty, hearty mega-thanks for the bottle of magic. I took the first few drops yesterday afternoon and woke already feeling a new sense of steadiness and certainty working its way through my systems. Just feeling much better in myself. THANK YOU!!
— Charlotte, Bristol

Personalised custom blends by Lily

The following personal blend services are for those who wish to connect on a deeper, more conscious level with essences; exploring their messages and gifts; finding a way through your current situation. Having a guide through this process is invaluable; to get us out of our heads and in tune with our own inner knowing. Brief details of these services and what's included are in the product listings below; please click on the Sacred Geometry pictures to find out the full information.

Amazing drops! I don’t know what’s in that stuff but it works! Since I’ve been on the drops I feel energised, happy and capable. You are a STAR!! I meant to give you some feedback earlier, but I’ve been so happy and busy I kept missing the opportunity...
— Andy, Bungay