Set your life on fire.
Seek those who fan the flames
— Rumi



The Extraordinary Expansion is an online healing & spiritual self development program that follows the cycles of nature. It supports courageous humans to strengthen and grow physically, emotionally, energetically and spiritually so you can expand into your greatness and abundant potential.


My healing journey began 15 years ago and through this time I have experienced, trained in and studied a wide and varied range of healing modalities and spiritual teachings. These explorations had no structure or specific guidance other than my own intuitive knowing, and I often fumbled as I found my own way. I created the Extraordinary Expansion program for folk who'd like to receive regular energy healing and structured support on their spiritual journey. As guardian and holder of space in this sacred circle of transformation, I bring all my gifts, skills and knowledge to the program to aid your Extraordinary Expansion.


How we flow

The Extraordinary Expansion grows and flows, waxes and wanes with the moon; helping to root us in nature's rhythms. Our study and growth around our topic of the fortnight begins with each New Moon and Full Moon. This unique service works in the Now moment and none of it is pre-planned; we work organically with the current energy and astrology to go as deeply as possible into our healing power and potential.


We cover a different topic in every waxing and waning phase. Examples could be:

  • Confidence, self-esteem, body image
  • Creativity, expression
  • Self-sabotage, self-sacrifice
  • Intuition and discernment
  • Family dynamics, the mother wound
  • Fears, anxiety, overwhelm
  • Relationship issues, sex
  • Money
  • Relationship with food and nourishment
  • Past life issues, ancestral patterns
  • Working with energy bodies, centres & systems

The topic we cover each fortnight is always shown by the collective energy in our container. Sometimes we may need to dive really deeply into one of these themes, so it may be that we work and flow through various aspects and layers of one topic over a whole lunar cycle.


At New Moon and Full Moon you receive:

  • Energy healing around the theme of the fortnight, with a written record of what has been cleared & released for you
  • Affirmations and afformations to work with; keeping your thoughts and subconscious mind focused on creating positive patterns
  • Questions relevant to our topic for you to explore in your journal, helping you connect the dots for growth
  • Reading suggestions (books, blogs, articles etc) and/or additional resources (podcasts, videos, etc.) for those who want to dive deeper in to our topic of the week (not an essential part of the process but if you have time to investigate these it should help the work integrate and expand)
  • Self care practices that are specifically relevant to the energy at that time.


  • Membership to a private online community (not Facebook). I believe that connection and support of a community is so desperately needed at this time. This is our own confidential space to share your process, insight, experience, challenges, joys, and anything else you wish to be witnessed
  • Daily check-ins – I tune in to the group energy field and share if there's anything that needs addressing to help keep you rooted and connected to your core self during intense states of energy
  • Discounts on essences and 1:1 sessions with Lily, exclusively for Extraordinary Expansion members.

Participation & Time Commitment

The only things you need to take part in the Extraordinary Expansion are an internet connection to receive the work via email, and a journal & something to write with. The latter is optional but definitely worth utilising. The more you give to the process, the more you shall receive. Ideally you'd set aside ten minutes a day for journaling and to do the suggested practices for the fortnight.

Art by Lisa J. Rough


I believe personal development support work and community should be accessible to everyone; which is why I have priced the membership as sustainably as I can for all involved. The membership exchange for each lunar cycle is £33, or £22 for those on state benefits/pension.
If you’re really committed to diving deeply into your process and excited about journeying in this way long-term, you can sign up for a full 13 moons (1 year) for £333; a saving of £96.
If these exchange options are currently out of your remit, please contact me and we can find a way forward together. No-one is turned away for lack of funds.


The Extraordinary Expansion may resonate with you if:

  • you are deeply committed to your healing process and spiritual path but you sometimes struggle with the loneliness of this solitary path and would like to connect with others who can witness your process, without being shamed for how you show up and what you're struggling with
  • you are curious about the magic and mystery of your own uniqueness and wish to explore this at a deeper level
  • you believe in the power of collaborative spiritual healing that aids planetary evolution
  • you understand or would like to learn more about what self care truly is at a deep level and wish to embody this fully; the sustained daily commitment of ritual, rhythm and nurturing yourself so you can be wholly present for others
  • you want to work with a coach, mentor or healer but can’t afford the cost of 1:1 supervision.

If you’re sceptical about energy work, or are dealing with urgent deep seated traumas then this program probably isn’t for you just right now. If you’re unsure, or have any questions about whether this is the support system that can serve you in your present situation, please contact me to discuss further.

Grateful Words

The Extraordinary Expansion sessions are my soulful readings and are rarely out of sync, offering me reminders of how to access best joyful experiences for my life. I have never experienced this type of work before and its remote nature appeals to me somehow. It is a subject I have kept personal and secret from anyone else as it is so special to me! Following this work I am more in tune with myself and recognise issues that would have otherwise been bigger problems but I’m now able to reassure myself that all is well. I enjoy the fashion we work currently as I trust Lily is channelling and tuning in for me on a personal basis. Her uniqueness meets my uniqueness to offer sweet guidance and assurance. That is what I love about Lily’s work.
— Lis, Carmarthen

Why join the Extraordinary Expansion?


Our potential is abundantly eternal, and the spiritual path is a spiral journey, continually evolving as we discover deeper truths. This community exists for those who wish to expand their evolution, to embody more Light and Love, to connect more deeply with their truth and live this authentically with integrity, and yes, to travel in the shadows, sit in the muck and meet the gold that hides there. Many of us want to make more time for our spiritual practice and get hung up on ‘shoulds’; this program provides a framework to support you, to aid you in maintaining your explorations of different ideas, and encourage self discovery.

We welcome new members to the program at each New Moon – exchange is due before each lunar cycle begins. You can join us for a cycle to see if we’re a good fit or you can jump straight in and sign up for ongoing moonly membership.


Our next cycle begins on
Thursday 19th October.
To sign up, click the relevant image below:


We look forward to welcoming you into our circle, beautiful one. The fire is lit and the kettle is on, hope you join us for a cuppa soon!