One week in thick woods
and I am filled with other
languages, hold conversations
with ferns and flowers,
gossip with birds.
— Lynn Kozma

Nature is always communicating with us; all we need to do is be open to tune in. My belief is that we all can be in deep communion with Nature. Let's remember this connection and reaffirm our relationship with the Wild.

A Nature Reading is a way for you to open to Nature; to refresh your senses; to see, hear and feel again the wisdom, love and support of the Earth, our home.

We meet in sacred space for 45 minutes via Zoom (video call) to deepen your relationship with Nature. No matter how urbanised and seemingly separate you may perceive yourself to be from Nature, we can always connect in with the plants, trees, flowers and elementals.

You're invited to bring your cares and worries, your dreams and aspirations, and find sure footing again on the Earth's hallowed ground.

Spiral of Life by the wonderful  Anne Thomas

Spiral of Life by the wonderful Anne Thomas

We intuitively use essence, oracle and nature cards to:

  • bring to light the patterns and themes that are currently shaping your life; this then leads us on to

  • receive healing messages from Nature

  • discover the nature allies that can support you at this time

  • learn practical steps you can take to implement the information shared from Nature and

  • gain clarity in moving forwards from struggle and towards what you wish for your life.

A selection of cards from the numerous Nature-inspired decks we may work with during Nature Readings

A selection of cards from the numerous Nature-inspired decks we may work with during Nature Readings

You also receive:

  • A 30ml personalised essence blend. Essences are sacred medicine that reconnect us with our innate gifts and wise self, alongside strengthening our ability to cope with the challenges of life.
    Your essence blend is made up and sent out after the session; the healing process will have already begun as we meet and attune with the essences and your nature allies before our time together comes to a close. Guidance on dosage is suggested. This service includes free international postage.

Before our time together, please gather your journal and any art supplies you may like to use, a mug of your favourite herbal tea or glass of water and anything that helps you feel connected with Nature. A recording of our time together is not included, so do have a place to make notes if you so wish.

Forget-Me-Not Fairy by  Cicely Mary Barker

Forget-Me-Not Fairy by Cicely Mary Barker


Nature Readings may be helpful for you at this time if:

  • you want to receive the love, support and guidance of Nature

  • you wish to deepen your relationship with Nature, meeting new flowers, herbs or trees that wish to work with you, or old friends that may wish to share new teachings with you

  • you're in a place of confusion, isolation, grief or struggle and don't know how to move forwards or change your situation; Nature will offer gentle steps and wise, loving counsel

  • you've felt disconnected from the land and natural world, and want to find a way to feel at home on the planet

  • you often feel ungrounded or out-of-body but traditional grounding advice doesn't sit right with you – here we find safe ways for you to begin to inhabit your body in a way that feels right for you, without judgment or 'shoulds'.


Want regular connections with Nature Allies?


We can commit to working together for six or twelve months at a time to allow a deeper healing process to unfold. To allow this to cement further, we meet for a full hour, rather than 45 minutes.
For a six month connection, meeting every other lunar cycle (that's three readings), the exchange is £155.
For a year's connection, we'll meet 7 times, and the exchange is £377.
Payment plans available on request. Please contact me to arrange.


If you would like some Nature Inspiration in the meantime, I invite you to peruse the following collection that myself and Rachel Singleton gathered for Issue Seven of Sentire Essence Magazine. View by clicking the image below.


Blessings of the Wild to you.