Aeddfediad (Maturation)

Aeddfediad (Maturation)


Connecting with Archangel Gabriel. Spiritual evolution. Deepened commitment to your calling and planetary service; being held on the journey; knowing you are supported in this mission to bring through that which you don’t yet understand. Undoing of knots, hooks and ties in the solar plexus; dissolution of ego aspects that don’t serve. Recalibration, integration and expansion of Third eye. Feeling rested.

Indications: Depression, inability to concentrate, being in a state of flux.

Energetic: Solar plexus, third eye, thymus.

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Aeddfediad (Maturation) is very multifaceted in its nature. It contains many elements that make up the whole picture — we have the cherry blossom blooms that hang in the bowl; a bumblebee joined us for half an hour during the birth of the Essence; there were daffodils and bluebells very nearby to the bowl that kept catching my eye; I sat against a Yew who was supporting and holding me during the process; a Full Moon in Scorpio, and Archangel Gabriel's presence! All of these factors combine to make this profound essence.

Use Aeddfediad when you feel stuck in your spiritual path; it is a deeply transformative energy with lasting effects coming to the fore after working with it for four weeks. Not one for the faint hearted as it will make you do some deep examining!