Alchemising Energy Spray

Alchemising Energy Spray


A 50ml custom blend spray bottle, containing essences and essential oils for your requirements. Use to cleanse and clear your energy field and the space around you. You may like to mist it around the aura, over a particular chakra, or in the corners and centre of a room. Use intuitively to shift and alchemise the energy so that it is in deeper alignment with who you are and what you need.

Please write any details for what you require on the form upon ordering; I shall intuit and muscle test based on this guidance. If the form is left blank, I shall tune in with you energetically and put together a blend based on what I find.

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I currently have over 200 stock essences from numerous ranges but the ones I most frequently work with that resonate deeply within me, and consequently most of my clients, are the LightBringer and Indigo Essences. For me, these essences cover the key areas and energies - floral, tree, environmental, crystal, astrological and channelled, to help us deal with the new energies that are flooding the planet and the consequent challenges that arise within our being during these times – essences for sensitives on a spiritual journal.

These essences are blended with a selection from over 50 essential oils to bring another quality to this alchemising blend; the oils have their own physical and psychological properties, alongside the gorgeous scent.

I create a sacred space before making a dosage bottle for you. During this process I intuit and muscle test which essences and essential oils want to work together with you in this moment. I also include essences I don't currently have physically, so should an essence be most resonant for your needs at this time I shall order this in (at no extra cost to you) so I'm able to make the best medicine for you.

Instructions for use, alongside affirmations and visualisations are included with this service.