Amddiffyn (Protection)

Amddiffyn (Protection)


Protection from others' emotions. Shielded from the storms of life and outside, external influences. Feeling safe. Attuned visibility - allowing you to be seen or out of view as called for. Assists vision and clairvoyance. Strengthens and supports connection to the Cosmic Womb.

Indications: Paranoia. Inappropriate and unhealthy levels of visibility; attracting unwanted attention; not being seen or recognised for your gifts, skills and talents. Closed down root chakra and disconnection from this area.

Energetic: Earth Star chakra, etheric body.

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Amddiffyn (Protection, her key theme) contains the energy of the Murwyll Tewbannog ArforSea Stock matthiola sinuata flower. She was made as an urgent response to the times we are in. She is a great protector and defender, with a strong but soft Warrior spirit. Think of Amddiffyn when all around you seems to be chaos; she will be a great ally and guide to build your resilience.