Bespoke Sea Essence

Bespoke Sea Essence


In need of a little sea magic? I am blessed to live on the edge of the Penrhyn Gwyr, the Gower Peninsula, an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Here there is a wealth of beaches with different environments - sand, stone, cliff faces, coves, and a huge variety of flowers and trees. There is something about the wildness of the sea that really speaks to the soul and carries the potency of environmental essences that is vast and expansive in nature.

Due to the ever-changing nature of the sea and coastal landscapes , Sea essences encapsulate change. They resonate deeply with the healing qualities of water - cleansing, receptive, purifying, soothing - and are particularly helpful when dealing with stuck situations, emotions, and the heaviness of things such as loss, grief and heartbreak.

Water initiates us into the Great Mysteries; deeply intuitive, connecting us with our psychic abilities, water teaches us discernment and connects us into the potential of our full power. Like the Cups suit in the Tarot, water works deeply in the emotional realm.

If you wish to feel strengthened and supported by the qualities of the sea, you can order your own unique sea essence. Your essence will be made by the sea and the main subject could be floral, tree, animal, environmental, or anything else that wants to show up as medicine in the moment! This service includes photographs of the essence being made and its surrounding environment, information about what came through during the essence-birthing process, and your own 30ml stock essence. Affirmations and dosage instructions are also included. There is also the option to order half-price repeat prescriptions at a later stage.

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Due to the uniqueness of this service, please allow up to eight weeks for delivery. If your request is of an urgent matter and you feel a sea essence is what's needed, please contact me before ordering. Thank you for your understanding.