Cuddio (Hiding)

Cuddio (Hiding)


Embodying your Sacred Purpose. Integrating new light codes and higher frequencies. Letting go of dead weight. Endurance.

Indications: Wanting to hide; needing isolation but feeling trapped by it. For those who are withdrawn. Feeling a failure. For those who are cold; circulatory issues.
Energetic: Lunar root.

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Cuddio supports us when we feel overwhelmed and disorientated by the world around us. When it all feels too much; when we cut ourselves off and isolate ourselves as a way of coping, we can turn to Cuddio to hold us in our sensitivity. Through working with Cuddio, we begin to understand ourselves in ways that may not have been accessible to us previously. We come to learn our sensitivity is a gift; our deep empathy essential for creating change the planet so desperately needs. When the experience of being human feels all-too-much, Cuddio reconnects us with our resilience, reminding us why we’re embodied at this time, helping us drop the weight that isn’t ours to carry, enabling us to embody new states of energetic harmony and consciousness.

Cuddio (Hiding) was birthed next to the sea on the cliffs at Bae Cas-wellt, Caswell Bay during the Solar Eclipse & Spring Equinox on March 20th 2015. It is an environmental and astrological Essence, with crystal energy from Aquamarine. The water was collected at dawn from the well in Coed yr Esgob, Bishop’s Wood and the Aquamarine was charged in the water of the sea before being placed in the essence bowl. Its key theme is Higher Purpose.

This essence particularly supports highly sensitive and empathic persons and is a wonderful tonic for introverts.