Culture Cultivator

Culture Cultivator


Lighting a New Way. Making peace with all the varying identities and aspects of Self that form Who You Are. Resilience. Service. Prioritising Joy to bring about deeper harmony in one's life. Connecting to and receiving from the web of life that supports and sustains us.

Indications: Resistance. Depression. Caught in negative ways of thinking. Being aloof.

Energetic: Emotional body, lung, heart centre.

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A first for the Cariad Essence range ~ an essence made outside of Wales! Birthed atop a waterfall on 11th July 2017 in Cumbria, England, this essence contains the energy of Forget-Me-Not, Mimulus and the Dipper bird.

This is an essence of Service. Forget-Me-Not acts as the beacon of light that is creating a new way. This is sacred medicine for the activists, the creatives, the healers; those who serve something bigger than our selves, who give ourselves to creating and visioning a world of peace, a world rooted in Love.

To read the full story of this essence, you can do so by clicking here ~ this link will take you to an article I wrote for the second issue of Sentire Magazine.

"I just wanted to say how much I LOVED your Forget-Me-Not notes from the field. Every word resonated deeply with me and to see the beautiful spiral artwork at the end sealed in the medicine. Thank you so much!" ~ Lisa Estabrook of My Soulflower.