Energy Clean Up

Energy Clean Up


The Energy Clean Up is a 90 minute elemental service that assists you to let go of and release stuck energy so that you can feel light, clear and inspired to move into the next efflorescent phase of your life.

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In this cleansing 90 minute session, we are directed by your Soul's infinitely wise guidance to go through the following transmutations:

  • Aligning, opening and clearing energy centres; balancing the energy flow between them so that they sing and dance in harmony

  • Subtle Body integration and alignment, so energy flow is congruent and smooth

  • Aura cleanse and clean up, releasing and dissolving any cords, entities, energy attachments or patterns that no longer serve

  • Putting protection in place, and determining any practices and tools you can use to maintain a healthy energy field

  • Emotional detox, using nature's vibrational medicine (essences, crystals, homeopathics, wood etc) to release any toxic thought patterns.

  • Bringing in new energy patterns that are more resonant and in harmony with your life path

  • Life Balance – discovering your body's ideal optimum balance between the core activities we all do and require. Here we look at identifying details and lifestyle changes that may be necessary in the following areas: work, rest, sleep, play, nutrition, exercise, relaxation, mental stimulation and physical nurturance (phew!)

  • Affirmations for moving forwards; these may address habits you want to release, replace unhelpful thought patterns, or be focused on welcoming something new into your life

  • Afformations which work with the subconscious mind to super charge your manifesting

  • Visualisations to keep you on track and fulfill your dreams.