Extraordinary Expansion One Lunar Cycle - Lower Income

Extraordinary Expansion One Lunar Cycle - Lower Income


The Extraordinary Expansion is an online healing & spiritual self development program that follows the cycles of nature. It supports courageous humans to strengthen and grow physically, emotionally, energetically and spiritually so you can expand into your greatness and abundant potential.

This is for a place in the community for one lunar cycle. Join us for a month to see how you get on.

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At New Moon and Full Moon you receive:

  • Energy healing around the theme of the fortnight with a written record of what has been cleared & released for you
  • Affirmations and afformations to work with; keeping your thoughts and subconscious mind focused on manifesting positively
  • Questions relevant to our topic for you to explore in your journal, helping you connect the dots for growth
  • Reading suggestions (books, blogs, articles etc) and other resources (podcasts, videos, etc.) for those who want to dive deeper in to our topic of the week (not an essential part of the process but if you have time to investigate these it should help the work integrate and expand)
  • Self care practices that are specifically relevant to the energy at that time
  • Daily check-ins from Lily - I tune in to the group energy field and share if there's anything that needs addressing to help keep you rooted and connected to your core self during intense states of energy.


  • Optional membership to the secret Facebook group (the necessary content for doing the work does not require a Facebook account; this is emailed to you directly) – I believe the connection and support of a community are so desperately needed at this time. I am currently investigating how to secure a private online forum for us to share in that is not through Facebook, but also doesn't incur vast expense. If you have any ideas, please let me know!
  • Discounts on Essences and 1:1 sessions with Lily, exclusively for Extraordinary Expansion members.