Llawenydd (Joy)

Llawenydd (Joy)


Pure, unadulterated joy. For dancing with Love. Childlike wonder, gaiety, happiness.

Indications: Struggling to see the magic and beauty of the every day. Disconnected from/unable to commit to daily spiritual practice.

Energetic: Lung, heart.

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Made during the Blue Full Moon 31st March 2018, this essence is made with the rare Llysiau’r-Bystwn Melyn, draba aizoides, Yellow Whitlow Grass flower; the De Gŵyr, South Gower coastline is the only place this flower grows in Britain. When I met this flower I literally jumped for joy. Never has an essence making experience been so happy.

Llawenydd reconnects us to the beauty, magic and joy of the every day. Magic is our birthright. The culture of modern living can very easily disconnect us from this, or even trick us into believing that magic doesn’t exist. Of course, we know the truth. Llawenydd embodies this magic beautifully, and awakens the magic of Joy within the soul, energy system and cells of the body.