Nature Reading & Essence Allies

Nature Reading & Essence Allies


A 45 minute session with Lily where you bring your cares and worries, your dreams and aspirations, and find sure footing again on the Earth's hallowed ground.
We intuitively use essence and oracle cards to:

  • bring to light the patterns and themes that are currently shaping your life; this then leads us on to
  • receive healing messages from Nature
  • discover the nature allies that can support you at this time
  • learn practical steps you can take to implement the information shared from Nature and
  • gain clarity in moving forwards from struggle and towards what you wish for your life.

You also receive a 30ml personalised essence blend. Essences are sacred medicine that reconnect us with our innate gifts and wise self, alongside strengthening our ability to cope with the challenges of life.
Your essence blend is made up and sent out after the session; the healing process will have already begun as we meet and attune with the essences and your nature allies before our time together comes to a close. Guidance on dosage is suggested. This service includes free international postage.

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I currently have over 250 stock essences from numerous ranges, including LightBringer, Indigo, Alaskan, Wild Earth Animal, Australian Bush, Living Essences of Australia, Bach, Bailey, Star and Petaltone (and others!) essences. For me, this collection covers the key areas and energies - floral, tree, environmental, crystal, astrological and channelled, to help us deal with the new energies that are flooding the planet and the consequent challenges that arise within our being during these times – essences for sensitives on a spiritual journal. When we work in a session you will likely meet essences from these ranges, although we have access to over 500 essences from across the world.

When creating an essence blend for you, I intuit and muscle test which essences want to work with you in this moment. I create a sacred space before our session begins, we discuss your current challenges and dreams, and welcome the allies that wish to come forward to support you at this time. Sometimes a message may come from an essence that we then don't need to work with further, making the medicine and healing rich and varied every time. Each session is highly individual and a truly organic experience.

Art: Replenishment by Francene Hart