Rhosyn (Rose)

Rhosyn (Rose)


Connecting to life's cycles; death, rebirth, growth. Fertility. Balancing solar and lunar energies. New beginnings. Transitioning from surviving to thriving. Being in the Flow. Warmth.

Indications: Grief, loss, suppression of the feminine, divorced from the cycles of life, heartache.

Energetic: Sacral, heart.

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Rhosyn Rose contains the energy of the rosa rugosa flower and was made by the sea on the Sacred Feminine 13th day of June 2014 with Full Moon in Sagittarius. Its energy is nurturing, warm and supportive. It feels motherly yet empowering, with Venus like qualities. There is a strong water element here too. Its key theme is Life Cycles.

This photo was taken after the essence was made. A single petal fell on to the sand as I moved the bowl to bottle the Essence. This symbolism touched me deeply as I felt the true gift this flower had given me.