Ymddangosiad (Emergence)

Ymddangosiad (Emergence)


Bringing you back to your core. Emergence of your deepest instincts into your conscious life. An ability to experience both the inner and outer realms simultaneously. Discovering the mysteries inside of you and how they wish to show up in the world. Opening up a different way of viewing, seeing and experiencing reality with regards to Self and your place in the world. Emerging from the depths, coming to the light after traveling in the darkness. Feeling alive without dramatic peaks and troughs. Not having to prove yourself.

Indications: Incongruence.

Energetic: Sacral, throat, spleen.

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Ymddangosiad (Emergence) was made on the cliffs of Rhosili during the Lion's Gate portal on 08/08/2016. A seal came and spoke to me as I was settling to begin creating the essence; it told me of the joys and difficulties of life as a ‘land animal’ or human, and how there are great gifts alongside struggles of navigating both the 3D reality and other expanded experiences. Ymddangosiad embodies the gifts of Seal - a graceful traveler between worlds. Much of the life of a seal appears effortless. The Grace with which seals move is made fluid through working with Ymddangosiad. We become more adept at interdimensional and shamanic work.

Take this essence if you really want to have a trip with your consciousness!