The work that Lily does always confirms the root of the problem, as well as providing successful treatment. During the first session with Lily, the primary cause of my condition was found to be a spiritual problem; this had been an issue I had suppressed for 13 years. With her help, I feel I have completely reclaimed my spirituality, been given the strength to make some vast yet necessary changes, and set upon a meaningful life path. As well as this, I have been medication-free (I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease in 1995) for over four years since our initial meeting. I couldn’t be more grateful for the help she has provided. Each encounter I’ve had with Lily has felt charged with numinosity, and deeply healing. She draws upon a wealth of experience, instinctual care, and intuitive knowledge that puts me totally at ease. She has a wonderfully calm, controlled, and nurturing presence. Lily is The Ace of Wands: a Spiritual Gift. I am so lucky to have met her.
— Anna, Abertawe

Lily is an amazing and inspirational healer with lots of energy and ideas, helping both her clients and the community. It is always a pleasure to have a treatment with her; things shift and she always gives a comprehensive view of what is going on, which is comforting and makes you feel safe. Thank you Lily for being so honest and giving. It makes a difference and it helps me to be myself when I feel that other people are being real too.
— Violeta, Abertawe

Each time I have a session with Lily she accurately identifies the areas to work on that are very pertinent to my life and emotional state at that time. Despite the skepticism of my logical mind, the treatments always work and I am always happy with the results! I highly recommend Lily and always look forward to a session with her, as I know she helps me to shift both long-standing chronic issues and current traumas that leave me with a lasting feeling of peace and well being, and of being supported on my life’s journey.
— Jenna, Malvern

I am so grateful to have experienced healing sessions with Lily. She is amazing to work with. Her loving presence and natural humour make me feel so relaxed and immediately lighter. I felt that the sessions were so personalised and the processes were very enjoyable to go through with her, resonating deeply with my current situation and were far reaching! Lily is gifted, truly unique in her approach & a complete joy to be around!
— Leanne, Perth

The sessions with Lily are my soulful readings and are rarely out of sync, offering me reminders of how to access best joyful experiences for my life. I have never experienced this type of work before and its remote nature appeals to me somehow. It is a subject I have kept personal and secret from anyone else as it is so special to me! Following this work I am more in tune with myself and recognise issues that would have otherwise been bigger problems but I’m now able to reassure myself that all is well. I trust Lily is channelling and tuning in for me on a personal basis. Her uniqueness meets my uniqueness to offer sweet guidance and assurance. That is what I love about Lily’s work.
— Lis, Caerfyrddin

Lily is my angel, she has helped me so much, so happy I found her.
— Jackie, Rhydaman

Thanks for all that you do for me and listening to my process! It goes without saying that you have made my life a lot more pleasant, fun, beautiful, productive, engaging, magical, and all ways that cannot be easily articulated. Thank-you Lily for all the Love xx
— Sophie, Truro

I know we have but only met a handful of times but your advice and guidance and whole presence is magical and astounding. I can’t even put into words what a beautiful, special soul you are.
— Natalie, Abertawe

Someone recommended Lily when I had a health scare. More than anything else the treatments I had with Lily helped me through this time. Her approach is gentle, powerful and transformational. I now recommend Lily to others, wholeheartedly.
— Bridget, Y Mwmbwls

Lily is an intelligent, compassionate and talented energy worker and I’d HIGHLY recommend her to anyone who truly wants to be in a healthier and happier state.
— Lucy, Portland

I found Lily to be a very supportive mentor with a lovely presence that makes you feel held, listened to and understood.
— Janina, Abertawe

Impressive, helped me a great deal. Very professional and caring approach.
— Peter, Edinburgh

Lily is intuitive and empathic - a real professional, with great skills - highly recommended.
— Jeanette, Llanelli