This June I will be facilitating two workshops at the inaugural
Spirit Fields Festival: Where Essences and People Meet.

• Join us for a magical weekend in nature, devoted to flower & vibrational essences
• Choose from 25+ workshops & talks to enhance your connection with essences & plant spirits
• Experience how essences nourish your soul, enhance your wellbeing, reawaken your inner wisdom, and activate your true self
• Discover new ways of using essences from inspiring teachers and essence makers.


Essences for Radical Change and Collective Care
Saturday 29th June 12pm-1pm, The Gathering Fields, Lancashire

This workshop will explore: understanding the importance of co-creative nature medicine; its role in creating necessary radical change in service to the collective, and nurturing a culture of care.

The Earth is at a crisis point as we stand in the midst of mass species extinction and on the brink of climate apocalypse. Internationally, fascism and inequality is on the rise. How can essences help us face these challenges? How can we foster a culture of collective care and transformation?

In this workshop we will begin examining where at an individual level we are upholding harmful systems of oppression such as ecocide, white supremacy, capitalism, patriarchy, the gender binary etc. and how essences can support us in unlearning and unraveling these internalised programmes. Discover which essences are already here in service to this vision. Open to co-creating nature medicine in service to collective care and evolution.


Mxnstruation, Moon Cycles and Essence Magic
Sunday 30th June, 2pm-4pm, The Gathering Fields, Lancashire

Learn about the seasons + cycles of mxnstruation & the moon; deepen and activate your own magic, understanding, relating and experience of these cycles; raising cyclical awareness and compassion for self and others.

The mxnstrual cycle is widely misunderstood ~ this experiential workshop aims to break down taboos and misinformation by exploring the four main phases/seasons of lunar + mxnstrual cycles; what their blessings, teachings & challenges are; how we can lean on essences to help us unravel the knots of resistance to these cycles; embodying the gifts each phase offers.

Working with cycles leads to a greater understanding of ourselves; why we make certain choices, respond with habitual emotions or behave in particular ways through each phase of a cycle. My hope is that everyone who attends this workshop finds new insights and ways of making friends with cycles, with the support of essences of course! This workshop will be held through a genderless lens, all LGBTQIA+ welcome.

Hope to you see in a field this summer!